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    1. Semester System

    1.1 University follows a semester system. One semester consists of two (2) semesters that is semester one and semester two. Each semester consists of fourteen weeks (14) lecture, one (1) week mid semester break and three (3) weeks examination.

    2. Study Duration

    2.1 A student must follow and complete the study programme within 4 to 10 semesters the three (3) years structure, 6 to 12 semesters for the four (4) years structure.

    3. Registration

    3.1 Registration as University Student

    When offered to pursue studies at the University, a student must register within the stipulated time.

    3.2 Semester Registration

    3.2.1 Every student must register on the first day of each semester. However, due to unavoidable reasons, a student may register within two weeks with the Deanís permission.

    3.2.2 A student who has not registered within four (4) weeks after beginning of semester without any written reason to the Facultyís Dean will have the status taken away and expelled from the university.

    3.3 Course Registration

    3.3.1 A student must register on each semester to fulfill study duration and study structure according to requirement.

    3.3.2 A student must register for a minimum twelve (12) credits and maximum eighteen (18) credits.

    3.3.3 The maximum credit limit does not include practicum credit, Registration of practicum is done on the said semester.

    3.3.4 A student who needs to register for a course which is more than (18) credits and not exceeding one
    (1) course must have the Deanís approval.

    3.3.5 New students can pre-register within one (1) week before semester begins. Senior students pre-register on the 13th week of the semester.

    3.3.6 New students must get course registration certified on the first week of every semester.

    3.4 Add and Drop

    3.4.1 A student may add courses within two (2) weeks after semester has begun.

    3.4.2 A students who has been unable to complete a course after the ĎDrop and Addí week due to certain reasons may withdraw from the course till the tenth (10) week with the Deanís approval.

    3.5 To Withdraw

    3.5.1 A students who has been unable to complete a course after the 'Add and Dropí week due to certain reasons may withdraw from the course till the tenth (10) week with the Deanís approval.

    3.5.2 The withdraw student will be given TD grade and will appear in transcript.

    3.6 To Repeat a Course

    A student who obtains Grade C- and below in any of the course can repeat the course or replace with another course to upgrade CGPA. Only the best grade will be taken for the calculation of CGPA and the original result will not be annulled and recorded in transcript.

    3.7 Exemption of Course

    3.7.1 Exemption of course is exemption given to a student from taking certain courses accredited by the senate as requirements is fulfilled due to an equivalent course taken at other institution.

    3.7.2 Subjected to Para 27 Graduation rules and regulations, a student may apply for an exemption from the faculty within two (2) weeks from the beginning of semester.

    3.8 Criteria for exemption of course is as follows :-

    3.8.1 Diploma holders who have taken an equivalent course.

    3.8.2 Have obtained an average of at least Grade B for the concerned course.

    3.8.3 The course taken does not exceed five (5) years.

    3.8.4 The course exempted is not considered in the counting of CGPA and GPA for graduation.

    3.8.5 The maximum number allowed for exemption is 18 credits for major and 9 credits for other courses.

    3.8.6 A students who wants to get a course exemption must make an application to the Faculty within two (2) weeks after registration as a student.

    3.8.7 A student must refer directly to the faculty for matters of exemption.

    3.9 Credit Transfer within Higher Learning Institutes

    Transfer of credit is the credit acquired by a student of a different Higher Learning Institute after taking the course and pass during the duration of time approved by the faculty.

    3.10 Criteria For Credit transfer :-

    3.10.1 A student can apply for any course taken within the last five (5) years and pass from another Higher Learning Institute, full or part of the credit, subject to Para 28 Graduation rules and regulations.

    3.10.2 In the case, total maximum credit taken into consideration for graduation is one third (1/3) from total credit for the whole study programme.

    3.10.3 A student can request for a credit transfer within two (2) weeks after registration as a University Student. Information on credit transfer is available at the various faculties.

    3.10.4 The course with a credit transfer will be considered for CGPA and GPA for the purpose of graduation.

    3.11 Checking of Course Registration

    Students are required to check their course registration within the stipulated time given by the University.

    3.12 Postponement of Studies

    3.12.1 A student with health problems and certified by a Government doctor can make an application to postpone studies to the Dean of the faculty;

    3.12.2 Approval to postpone studies by students with health problem only will not be counted for the total number of semesters allowed for graduation.

    3.12.3 Students are not allowed to postpone two (2) semester in a row apart from health problem and certified by a government doctor.

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